Culinary tours


Experience rural Israel by taking part in a unique multi-cultural culinary tour.

tour description

We will take you through various parts of this unique and old land. You will see and taste local cheese making, boulangeries, vineyards and a winery, see Middle Eastern food in its making, Arab sweets and much more.

The tour will be filled with stories about the rich culinary cultures of Jews, Christians and Muslims, but more importantly, how they all thrive together, especially in this part of the country. The stories will open up a window not only to the cultural aspect of the area, but also to the inner secrets of each kitchen and how they operate.


You will visit a German-Christian community, Arab villages, and a mix of multi-cultural communities which will make you understand the area and history using your taste buds.

Each stop will tell a different story which you’ll be able to feel and taste. It’s an all-senses tour, and after it you have a choice for a grand finale’; either by having a meal or by participating in a private culinary workshop.

the tours are for private groups with a minimum of 6 participants.

the tour is for family events, formation days for companies, fun days for companies.

duration of the tour

The duration of tour is 6 hours.

starting point

the tour starts in Binyamina.


The tour and workshop are organized and operated by Miki Lev, a Confectioner & Chef who loves what he does, and does what he loves.

information: +972 -505616778

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